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“Dino dung?” Certainly not—it’s turtle turd! The good news is, no matter how long you leave it in a bowl of water—it won’t stink!! Be the first on your block to own your own—well not exactly your “own”….

These specimens hail from from Madagascar. They have been replaced (fossilized) by siderite and limonite, which are both iron minerals.

Turtle Coprolite makes a great and humorous gift, but don’t forget Coprolite is a very important fossil for paleontologists who use them to study the diets of prehistoric life.

Dimensions: Approx. 2-1/4” long x 1” at thickest part

Fossil Information: Coprolite (Fossilized Turtle Dung) from the Eocene-Oligocend Era approximately 35 million years old. Found in the Wilkes formation of southwest Washington State, US. Composed primarily of siderite and limonite.

As with all of Mother Nature's creations, appearance will vary, but the item you receive will be similar in quality to the photos above.

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