Equipment & Tools

Plastic Pellets
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Mama's brand Plastic Pellets are an excellent filler or cushion in the tumbler, typically used in the pre-polish (step 3) and polish (step 4) stages of the rotary tumbling process. These pellets float off for easy separation and can be reused over and ove
4 Step Grit Kit Tumble Polish Grit
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Our Four-Step Grit Kit is maximized to tumble a wide variety of rough rock -- from soft to hard -- and contains enough grit to tumble 10-14 lbs. of stones.
Cerium Oxide
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Mama's Minerals brand optical grade Cerium Oxide Rock Polishing Powder (approximately 1.5 microns) is the standard medium for getting a high polish on quartz, agate, jasper, and other minerals in the 7–9 Mohs hardness range, as well as on glass and obsidi
3A Lortone Rock Tumbler
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The Lortone Tumbler Model 3A has a single 3-pound rubber barrel (outer barrel dimensions are 4-1/2" diameter by 4-3/4" high) with a quick-seal closure. This model has twice the capacity of Lortone's Model 1.5E, and like all Lortone tumblers is quiet, stur
500 Mesh Silicon Carbide Grit
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Mama's Minerals brand 500 lapping grade Silicon carbide abrasive. Perfect for the third tumbling step with softer rocks and used for fine lapping. Our grit is a fine grain mesh of superior virgin materials. 1 lbs. 500 grit will tumble approx. 10 lbs. of r
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