Gemstone Puff Hearts 45mm

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These 45mm Puffy Hearts are super cute, perfectly hand-sized, and come in 10 different stone types!

Amethyst- Relaxation, stress management, soothes anxiety, and boosts intuition

Blue Goldstone & Goldstone- Soothes high emotions, aids in clear communication, boosts focus

Red Jasper- Boosts confidence, encourages, motivates, and energizes

Rose Quartz- Opens the heart to compassion, love, and self-love

Tiger Eye- Grounding, connects you to the earth's energy, protective 

Aventurine- Promotes compassionate leadership, diffuses conflict

Yellow Jasper- Protects and helps guide your path

Snowflake Obsidian- promotes balance, neutrality, and protection

Sodalite- aids in focused communication. If there's a conversation that needs having, this will free the conversation from distractions. 

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