Highland Park Rotary Tumbler: 3 lb. Double Barrels 110V

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Product description

Model RT3L Tumbler is Heavy-Duty double 3lb barrel rotary tumbler with direct drive motor Ideal for tumbling gemstones or glass.

Features & Specifications:

Load Size: 6 lbs of stone carried in two 3 lbs barrels

Frame: Brushed heavy gauge 304 Stainless steel.

Barrel Guides: Adjustable barrel guide makes it easy to get your barrel running smoothly every time and prevent barrel damage from the barrel rubbing on the frame.

Motor: High Torque Low Voltage brushless DC motor. Motor is mounted in a direct drive configuration which eliminates all the historical issues with belts and pulleys eliminating the problems of fiddling with the machine to get the right belt adjustment. The brushless DC motor has a much higher torque than conventional tumbler motors and generates much less heat because it operates on low voltage DC power. Additionally, this eliminates the electrical hazard associated with the conventional tumblers.

Power Supply: 110v to 24v adapter that supplies the low voltage power to the tumbler.

Bushings & Shafts: The bushings are machined from durable solid nylon rod, and the shafts are made from 304 stainless steel.

Barrel: Durable molded rubber barrel with stamped 6061 Aluminum lid anodized red to minimize oxidation. Retention thumb-knob is solid brass for durability and long life.

Servicability: Designed with the focus of producing reliability and easy servicing

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