Jasper/Agate Arrowhead 2-3"

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  • These beautiful arrowheads are a modern creation celebrating rich Native American history. These specimens are crafted in Jasper and Agate.

    Approximately 2"-3"

    Metaphysical Properties of Jasper: Jasper is believed to be a balancing stone, working gradually to bring one back to an equilibrium. With time it is also thought to strengthen one's memory and life force.

    Mineralogical Properties of Jasper: Jasper is a variety of the quartz family that displays a hexagonal crystalline structure. It is an impure variety of silica that varies in color. It is opaque, in contrast with agate which is translucent.

    Metaphysical Properties of Agate: Associated with the throat chakra, Agate is believed to assist with communication and expression of one's highest truth. It aids in clear expression with calming energy.

    Mineralogical Properties of Agate: Agate is a variety of chalcedony and a member of the quartz family. It is found most abundantly in South Africa and is an achemical sedimentary mineral. It is found primarily in igneous rocks.

    Due to Mother Nature's varied palate, every stone is different. However, the piece you receive will be similar in quality to the stones photographed. 


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