Malachite Tumbled 21-30g

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Add gorgeous and intricate Malachite to your mineral collection 

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1"x 1"x .5"

Mineralogy: Malachite is gorgeously patterned, secondary copper carbonite hydroxide mineral which comes in shades of dark to pale green. It is formed from the weathering of copper minerals. Malachite has a highly variable crystal habit, and may be acicular, botryoidal, massive, fibrous, or stalactitic. It is often found with dark blue azurite, another secondary copper mineral.    

Metaphysical Properties: Malachite is one of the most profound heart healers. It helps peel back the layers of the heart that are deep and profound. It can really help shift trauma and move forward in heart healing. It is excellent for clearing anxiety, depression and helplessness. Malachite works on the healing the brain as well. It is a great stone for healing any kind of trauma to the brain, including emotional or psychological imbalances. It is also a very protective stone that shields against radiation.  

WARNING: Cutting, carving, or breaking up malachite can be a dangerous health hazard. Most problems arise from the inhalation of malachite dust, especially when the mineral is worked dry. To avoid getting sick, always wear a NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved dust mask or respirator when working with malachite. If you're polishing malachite dry, grind and sand with lots of water. 

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