Natural Chalcopyrite Gemstone Peacock Ore

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Chalcopyrite displays an elegant, metallic golden-bronze color. When oxidized, you may find pleasantly surprising, iridescent shades of pink, blue, and purple!

*Because of Mother Nature's varied palette, each stone will be unique.

Size: 8mm-12mm

Location: Mexico

Mineralogy: Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide and a member of the iron pyrite mineral group. It consists of copper, iron, and sulfur and is the most vital copper ore due to its prevalence worldwide. Exterior portions of a specimen may oxidize and create beautiful iridescent pinks, blues, and purples, from which chalcopyrite gets the colloquial name "peacock ore". 

Metaphysical and Energy Healing Properties: Chalcopyrite improves the flow of energy, removes energy blockages, and is often used to assist in mediation. It is said to help one find lost possessions. It has the energy of abundance that manifests happiness, joy, and belief in yourself. It helps build a protective aura that is full of rainbows and shields against negativity. 

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