Mama’s Minerals has long been engaged with the beading world, and we are always eager to offer our customers all the latest tips and information on beading, from information about bead sizes, beading color theory, tutorials, projects, designing with beads, and jewelry making instructions.

Read these informational pages and watch our beading videos to learn how to get the most out of your hobby. Best of all, our beading info is free! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Beading and Jewelry Glossary

Heishi and lampwork and rounds, oh my! A mini-dictionary for the confused or inquisitive beader.

How To Understand Bead Sizes

How to choose the right sizes of beads for your creations. Includes a chart you can print out and use to estimate the sizes of different beads.

Learn More About Pearls

From the most expensive piece of jewelry in history to one of the most versatile beads in your basket, this article covers how beads are formed, why they are iridescent, and how they got affordable enough for ordinary people to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beading

Questions and answers about basic beading.

How Beads Are Changing the World

Through the production of art, such as beaded jewelry, individuals and organizations are learning skills that empower them to earn income and support their cause.

Free Beading Projects

Free step-by-step beading project downloads.