The Book of Moldavite

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The Book of Moldavite

By Robert Simmons

In this full-color guide, Simmons tells the story of his discovery of Moldavite’s magic, weaving his knowledge of the stone’s spiritual qualities together with scientific and historical data as well as channeled information. He explains how Neolithic peoples in Europe made Moldavite amulets and tools and how several Moldavite amulets were discovered in the same archaeological dig as the famous Venus of Willendorf, the earliest known Goddess figurine. The author describes his dramatic personal awakening and the surprising circumstances that brought Moldavite to the center of his life and career. He shares tales of crop circles and energy vortexes, his adventures in Moldavite country, and ET connections.

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Format: Paperback

Length:  256pgs

Language:  English

ISBN10…… 1644119129

ISBN13……. 978-1644119129

Publisher: Destiny Books

Publishing date: March 7, 2023

Dimensions: 7 x 0.6 x 10.88 inches

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