Turquoise Sterling Silver Prong Set Ring

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Stunning freeform turquoise is artfully set in this 8 prong, sterling silver ring. Elegant, natural, and brightly colored.

Metaphysical Properties: As a stone associated with wholeness, turquoise is thought to bring one back to their truth while also being able to empathize and see other's truth as well. It is associated with the throat chakra and may assist in expressing oneself clearly and compassionately. 

Mineralogical Properties: Turquoise is a blue to green mineral that is opaque. Composed of copper aluminum phosphate, it has a triclinic crystal structure. Its color comes from the inclusion of copper (blue shades) or iron (green shades).

Due to Mother Nature's varied palate, every stone is different. However, the piece you receive will be similar in quality to the stones photographed. 

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