Love Stones

Valentine's Day is a time to share love with those who warm your heart. Spouses, partners, children, family members and close friends all hold special places in our hearts  and make our lives full. Without them and the nourishment of their love, we often fall into loneliness and depression. It is at this time of year that we can reach out and let them know what a huge part they play in our lives, and how cherished their love is.

Stone hearts, heart jewelry-making kits, candle holders, massage wands, love stone books,  and love medicine pouches are unique items that can help express love in an unexpected way. Following are some ideas on how to use each of these items to spread your love around, as well as to call love into your life.

Melt a heart of stone with a stone heart. A gesture that will far outlast a traditional paper valentine, a stone heart can also be tastefully used long after Valentine's Day as a decoration or paper weight. If someone has done something thoughtful for you, or considered you outside of themselves, reward them for their kindness. It is often those who appear to want it the least that need that kind gesture the most.   

Use a jewelry kit to make something that is a constant reminder of your steadfast commitment. When you make something, your own love and energy is poured into that item. By giving a friend or loved one a handmade piece of jewelry, you give them a reminder of your love. Because jewelry can be worn every day, it is a symbol that says they have someone in their corner when things get tough, and they are not alone. This gesture is an invaluable reminder that someone cares for them.

For a romantic Valentine's Day, consider candle holders and massage wands as indulgent treats. Massage wands are great for those who consider themselves incompetent masseurs, because the wand really does all the work. Many of us hold stress and pent up emotions in our bodies that never get released, eventually becoming illnesses. It is a great service to your partner to make the effort to relieve their bodies of this stress. Just the act of rubbing the end of the massage wand over your partner's back while they are lying down will leave them in a blissful state. Turn down the lights and light some candles for a truly relaxing experience.    

For those of us who long to draw more love into our lives, there are stones to help. The most prominent love stone associated with the heart chakra is Rose Quartz. This stone can open one up to receiving all forms of love and acceptance, in addition to bringing a sense of harmony and bliss. Emotionally, Rose Quartz can bring forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance to the person using it. It can also raise one's self-esteem and sense of self-worth, helping to balance emotions and heal emotional wounds -- all great Valentine's Day gifts. Rose Quartz is often used in love spells and comes in many forms -- spheres, points, beads and pendants -- all very effective in bringing this energy into one's life.

A good book for attracting a lover, making yourself irresistible, or mending a broken heart with crystals is Love Crystals by Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible. This book also covers how to dowse for a love stone that is appropriate for you, and how to cleanse and program your stone to work for you.

If you don't have the time to research and compose your own bag of love stones, you can just buy a pre-made Love Medicine Pouch that already has a strong composition of love stones in it.

The most important thing to remember is that if you want love in your life, you must call it to you! What you receive may not come in the exact form that you asked for it, but you will always get what you need.


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