Boji Stone Ying Yang Pair 40.1-50g

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Qty: 2 stones in 1 pouch

Boji stones are typically sold in pairs. The pairs represent masculine and feminine energetic balance or yin-yang balance. They are really beneficial to use in body layouts. They are supposed to induce deep emotional healing and understanding. They are also known for being extremely protective because they can balance out the energetic field and ground your energy into the earth.

The best way to use Boji stones is to find a pair that speaks to you and use them in a way that helps you find equilibrium and energy balance. One way to work with boji stones effectively is to put one in each hand, and switch them back and forth to find your own individual balance and connection to the earth's magnetic field. However, we believe the most effective crystal healing is done through work and self-discovery, not instruction and rules. Boji stones are also associated with the root chakra which is the base for chakra alignment and balancing. The root chakra is associated with a strong immune system, deep emotional healing, security in life, and vitality.

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