Crystal Healing

Angel Number Single Bead Kits
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Angel Number Bead Kits ... choose your beads! Create at home with our DIY jewelry kits!
Fluorite Live Edge Polish Tower 451-500g
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Stunning live edge fluorite point. Perfect for altars, specimen display, and gifting. Stunning to marvel at, with dynamic texture and varied shades of green, purple, and translucent.

Approximately 4.5"x 2.25"

Metaphysical Properties: Fluorite is a s
Clear Natural Quartz Crystal Point
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Quartz (silicon dioxide) is one of the most abundant minerals on earth.
Sphalerite Ore & Quartz Drusy Cube
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This sphalerite ore and quartzy druzy cube is stunningly textured and glittering! Sure to add visual interest and energy to any home.

Sphalerite Metaphysical Properties: Spheralite is believed to assist with discernment between truths and falsehoods in
Amethyst Cut Base Top Polish Point Extra Quality Brazil 451-500g
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Metaphysical Properties: Protection and purification are major properties believed to be associated is amethyst. It is suggested for those looking to overcome addiction, clear negativity, and reach higher states of consciousness.
Rose Quartz Cut Base Top Polish Point "A" Brazil 276-300g
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Stunning rose quartz cut base with top polish specimen - perfect for any collector, lover of pink, or appreciator of large crystals.

Metaphysical Properties: Perhaps the most central stone of love, rose quartz encapsulates love in all of its forms. It
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