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Love Gridding Kit w/ Obsidian Charging Plate
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Grids are made by placing crystals or stones in a geometric pattern and using intention to focus one's energy on a specific purpose or goal. The crystals or stones become charged by one's intention and energy due to the various frequencies they carry.
Wire Wrap Ring Kit
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Versatile wire wrap ring making kit ... follow our video example and use with any size, shape, or type of bead!
Crystal Kit
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Introduce yourself to the world of crystal healing! The "A Little Bit of Crystals" book advises on choosing crystals, crystal elixirs, meditation, and fortunetelling. 6 crystals are included: selenite, petrified wood, chrysocolla, aragonite, & howlite.
Oh Say Can You Say Dinosaur?
Not yet rated
The Cat in the Hat makes another appearance at Dick and Sally's house! Soon they’re millions of years back in time to see how fossils were created. Readers will love exploring the prehistoric world of dinosaurs with the Cat in the Hat as their guide!
BYOG - Break Your Own Geode - LARGE
Not yet rated
All kids young and old love geodes! The rough exterior of these spheres hide a sparkling universe inside. Only you can discover the contents with this unopened and unpolished Moroccan geode.
Shark Tooth Dig Kit
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Experience the thrill of excavating ancient shark teeth fossils! Buried inside the shark tooth-shaped digging brick are 3 genuine shark teeth fossils from different species of shark. Each fossil is unique, and they’re all millions of years old.
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