Rhodonite Point 111-130g

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Rhodonite Polished Point

Size: Between 2.5" & 3.5" tall

Location: Brazil

Metaphysical Properties: A stone connected to love, rhodonite is more outwardly focused than some of the other love-focused stones. Utilizers may be encouraged by rhodonite to use their skills and talents for the greater good of their community, for those they love, and for those they may serve. Through this giving of love and talents, the user finds great love and satisfaction themselves.

Mineralogical Properties: Rhodonite is a member of the pyroxenoid group of minerals with a manganese metasilicate make up. It belongs to the triclinic crystal system.

As with all of Mother Nature's creations, appearance will vary, but the item you receive will be similar in quality to the photos above.

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