Ruby Zoisite Point 71-90g

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Ruby Zoisite Polished Point

*Because of Mother Nature's varied palette, each stone will be unique.

Size: Between 2.5" & 3.5" tall

Location: Tanzania

Mineralogy: Ruby is the reddish, chromium-enriched variety of corundum. It is usually metamorphic but is occasionally of igneous origin. On the Moh's hardness scale, rubies have a hardness of 9, thus are only surpassed in hardness by diamonds.  

Zoisite is a sorosilicate mineral that until fairly recently was assigned to the Epidote mineral group.  Zoisite may be greenbluish-purple, grey, white, colorless, yellow, or pink. Most often found in the commercial market associated with ruby as ruby zoisite, or as the bluish-purple variety Tanzanite. Most often found in pegmatites but may also occur in metamorphic rocks.

Metaphysical PropertiesRuby is said to aid in the regeneration of the physical and spiritual heart, strengthens immunity, and increases joyfulness. It is thought to correspond to the Heart and Base chakras and encourage leadership, courage, heightened awareness, and vigor. 
Ruby Zoisite is said to be an excellent combination of spiritual knowledge and remembering one's purpose in life. It is thought to help one unlock past traumas to heal them in order to reach their next steps to new heights. 


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