Scavenger Scout: Rockhound

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  • Title: Scavenger Scout: Rockhound

    Author: Shelby Wilde, Yana Popova

    Scavenger Scout is not an ordinary seven-year-old. She's a rockhound! Hunting for rocks is her passion and she loves to show and tell. The stories she tells are more fantasy than reality, but the rocks she hunts are real. Follow along as Scout hunts for azurite, alexandrite and fluorite and find the rock on every page!

    Product Details:

    Format: Hardcover

    Length: 32 pages

    Language: English

    ISBN10: 1732516804

    ISBN13: 978-1732516809

    Publisher: Author Shelby Wilde

    Publishing Date: October 8, 2018

    Dimensions: .35" x 10.24" x 10.4"


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