Sunset Dumortierite Round 6mm

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Product description

Bead Size: 6mm

Strand Length: 16"

Mineralogy: Dumortierite is a metamorphic, fibrous aluminum borosilicate mineral. While it can be many colors including brown, violet, and green, the blue variety is most commercially popular. In industry, its most common use is in fine porcelain. Named for French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier. 

Metaphysical:  Dumortierite is thought to be a stone of tranquility and peace. It is said to be very good for soothing anxiety, depression, and impatience. It is thought to help one understand their own emotional intelligence. It is recommended to use dumortierite when attempting to clear one’s own emotional field. It is also said to be a great stone to learn how to meditate with and additionally to do dreamwork as it quiets the mind and allows emotions to clear. 

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