Ametrine Tumbled Brazil

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Product description

These lovely tumbled ametrine stones can be incorporated in a medicine pouch, arranged in a crystal grid, or used as pocket stones! Ametrine is a natural combination of amethyst and either golden ferruginous quartz or citrine. The color contrast is subtle but striking. 

Mineralogy: The amethyst portions of natural ametrine get their hue from gamma-irradiation of trace amounts of iron in its structure. The ferruginous quartz (often mistakenly called citrine) portions get their color from oxidized iron mineral inclusions such as hematite. In lab-created ametrine, portions of natural citrine are beta irradiated to produce an amethyst-citrine mix.

Metaphysical Properties: Ametrine is a calming stone that helps to clear and balance emotional energy. It is a good stone for those suffering from depression.

Note: Each stone is unique; the one you receive will be similar in quality and appearance to those shown in the above photo.

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