Crystal Iris, El Paso, TX

Jack and I were in El Paso for the day and, of course, decided to visit a few rock shops. (How could we pass them up?) Because of time, we made it to two ... one of which (thanking the universe for sending us!!) was The Crystal Iris. Owner, Celeste Garcia, has imbued her shop with energy! 

(address, hours, and website for the Crystal Iris are after all the gushy stuff)

The Crystal Iris 

Open the door and you enter a shop filled with beautiful displays, loved crystals, and a bright welcoming energy. I loved it from the moment we stepped in! 

Display 2 Display 3 Display 1

Displays are thrifted, eclectic, and truly gives the shop a feeling of home. (I think the crystals love it!)

With a wonderful mish mash (stated in only the best of ways) of bowls, platters, and dishes ... every inch of The Crystal Iris begs to be looked at - especially the wooden heart shaped product tags! Genius!! 

Tumbled Quartz Quartz Towers Hemaoid Palm Stones

Celeste has a variety of crystals ... and good prices! Look for her Angel Number pricing! 

Amethyst Towers Amethyst 1000 Layer Quartz

A beautiful shop! A beautiful owner! A great place to stop if you are in the neighborhood! 

Essential Oils Agate Wall Main Table

Thank you Celeste! It was a pleasure meeting you!! 

Visit The Crystal Iris at:
1550 Hawkins Blvd. Ste 14B
El Paso TX, 79925

Tuesday - Saturday: 12 - 6
Closed: Monday and Sunday

The Crystal Iris


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