Jericho Flower- Info and Care

Let's talk about the coolest tumbleweed ever. The Jericho Flower, or Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection Plant, or Dinosaur Plant, etc... is a member of the Brassicaceae family and is monotypic, meaning it is the only species of it's genus. It thrives in arid desert climates and copes with extreme drought by drying up, appearing dead, and tumbling with the wind until it meets it's next water source. Once it finds water, the tiny roots at the base of the plant will absorb the water, restoring the plant to its original green state, appearing as if it's risen from the dead. The plant can "die" and rehydrate as many times as it needs throughout it's life. 

Jericho Flowers can be burned as incense when dried, promoting peace and ease in big changes and new beginnings. They can also be kept as houseplants! If you do choose to keep yours as a houseplant, here are some helpful care instructions.

Jericho Flower Care: 

Jericho Flowers, in their rehydrated state, have lovely, green, spiraling fronds and small, white flowers. They are relatively low maintenance and very hard to kill. 

First, place your dried Jericho Flower in a shallow bowl (no drainage) of clean (ideally distilled) water, and let the plant soak up the water (for a fun bonus activity I recommend recording the plant absorbing the water on a time-lapse) It should take roughly 4-8 hours for the plant to fully unfurl and turn green. After that, you can fill the bowl with water-safe pebbles and water. Then set the flower on top of the water and pebbles, making sure the roots touch the water.

Change the water daily or every other day. Allow the plant to take 24 hour breaks from the water once every 4-7 days and let it dry out completely once a month. 

The plant needs good indirect light. It has no particular humidity needs, due to being native to desert environments. Try to keep them at room temperature, temp fluctuations can really disturb them. They don't require pruning, but don't react poorly if you cut off unhealthy branches.

Jericho Flowers are awesome tools for New Moon rituals, life transitions, and eras of rebirth.

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A fully hydrated Jericho Flower

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