Practical Stone Advice: Preserving Your Jewelry Crystals

Many of us have opened our jewelry boxes to find our favorite piece of jewelry cracked or even broken for no reason at all. Here is the meta-science behind the mystery.

If it was one of your favorites, you probably wore it a lot because it made you feel good. The reason it feels good to wear it is because stones absorb negative stress from the body and a person’s surroundings, and give positive vibrations and healing instead. If and when a person drains all the energy from the stone without replenishing it, it gives its life. This is usually in the form of shattering or breaking with little to no provocation. There are a few creative ways to prevent this from happening.


The first way you can prevent this from happening is to keep your jewelry on a Citrine cluster. Citrine is a naturally replenishing stone that will renew your jewelry and cleanse the negative energy the jewelry has picked up throughout the day. It has to be a cluster, however -- a small piece will not do the trick.

Citrine Clusters

The second solution is to keep some Tourmalated Quartz in your jewelry box with the pieces you wear most frequently (especially earrings). Tourmalated Quartz serves two functions. The Tourmaline draws the negativity out of the jewelry, and the Quartz recharges it. With this method, the Tourmalated Quartz does need to be cleansed periodically in sunlight, sage or salt water.

Tourmalated Quartz

A third solution is to place a clear quartz pyramid on your jewelry box and leave it in the sunlight for 12-24 hours. If possible, keep the jewelry box always in a sunny place with the clear quartz pyramid on it. This brings cleansing sun energy through the apex of the pyramid and amplifies it into your jewelry.

Quartz Pyramid

These are all easy and passive methods of cleansing jewelry with little effort. As always, the energy can be cleansed from jewelry by periodically putting it in sunlight for 12 hours, saging it, or leaving it in salt water for 12 hours. It is important to be vigilant about how much negativity you and your jewelry pick up during the day. After particularly arduous days, make it a point to cleanse your jewelry.

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