Scorpio- October 23- November 21

 Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac. Scorpio is a fixed sign, landing right in the middle of Autumn. Fixed signs crave calmness, stability, security, and clearly defined boundaries. Fixed signs can be stubborn and set in their ways, but it also makes them incredibly passionate and interesting people.

Scorpios are confident and dominate the spaces they enter. They are passionate and assertive, when Scorpios decide they want to do something they will get it done. They are highly motivated to meet personal goals. They are also very loyal not only to their partners but also to their friends. 

Scorpios are generally very honest people. Not only do they prefer to be honest, they expect honesty from the people around them. When Scorpios feel their relationships are lacking in honesty they feel unsafe and unstable. Scorpios can also be prone to jealousy, if they feel they're being lied to they may manipulate or assert control over a situation to try and gain a sense of security. 

Ideal stones for Scorpio:

Malachite: Aids in processing complex emotions. Assists in letting go of energies that no longer serve you. Combats feelings of anxiety, stress, discontent, and overwhelm. Powerful heart-healing energy. 

Smoky Quartz: Grounds negative energy and help Scorpio cultivate a healthy and positive attitude brings tremendous light and helps Scorpio find their way and be grounded with the Earth. 

Citrine: Similar to Malachite, helps soothe feelings of anger. Facilitates emotional healing by bringing joy, happiness, and positivity. Imbedslight within Scorpio. 

Carnelian: Motivates and activates the lower chakras propelling Scorpio forward. It's an excellent stone for cultivating creativity and life force. Connects Scorpio to the most authentic self.

Kira Clayton
06 Mar 2024
Mama's Minerals
Thank you!!
06 Mar 2024
Thanks for the article .... some other ...Garnet - Stim and creativity It is known asstone of health cleanse and reenerg chak. J Promotes courage decis, passion. Red jasper specifically boost energy. Topaz - Aids manifestation and attracting abundance. It promotes forgiveness, truth understanding Mal Draw out deep feelings and encourages expression clears stagn emotions. Cheers, Cam
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