Tektites- Out of this World!

Tektites are shards of glass that occur when a meteor impacts the Earth and the heat melts the surrounding soil. The force of the impact projects these molten blobs into the Earth's atmosphere, cooling them rapidly before returning them to the Earth's surface. Tektites can be green, brown, and tan, and are translucent with a rough and bumpy surface. Tektites are typically named for their locality, Moldavite is from the area of the Moldau River in Bohemia, Columbianite from Columbia, and Phillipianite from the Philippines. 

The most popular form of Tektite is Moldavite, an olive green tektite found in The Czech Republic. Moldavite rose to fame in mid-2020 for its metaphysical properties. Moldavite promotes and guides life changes. It is a stone of healthy transformation and removal of energy blockages. Moldavite takes the trash out, energy-wise, eliminating the unhealthy and unnecessary to create space for better experiences. 

Tektites as a whole carry the divine energy of the celestial bodies they came from. They help illuminate divine purpose and individual strengths and promote healthy progress. Tektites are also used in meditation to promote clairvoyance and stimulate the third eye, expanding one's consciousness. 

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Kira Clayton
23 Sep 2022
Debra Finley
Just beautiful
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