Gemstone Vial Pendant 10 Sided
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Have your essential oils or perfume on hand in a glittering crystal capsule. Four stone options with their own unique energetic properties. Bottle is approximately 0.5"x1.5". Already attached adjustable 18"-20" base metal gold-tone chain. 
BYOG - Break Your Own Geode - LARGE
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All kids young and old love geodes! The rough exterior of these spheres hide a sparkling universe inside. Only you can discover the contents with this unopened and unpolished Moroccan geode.
Angel Number Single Bead Kits
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Angel Number Bead Kits ... choose your beads!
Wire Wrap Ring Kit
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Versatile wire wrap ring making kit ... follow our video example and use with any size, shape, or type of bead!
Make Your Own Gem Water Love Blend
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Gem Water is water infused with minerals and the properties possessed by those minerals. Infusion is accomplished by placing the minerals in close proximity to the water. When infusion is complete, one can drink the water to receive the mineral properties
Pendulum Kit
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Unlock the mysteries of pendulum divination with this magnificent kit! This kit includes a pendulum & the "A Little Bit of Pendulums" book, a 4" sage stick & rough sodalite, clear quartz, aventurine, rose quartz, & red jasper.
Regular Gold Panning Kit
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Garrett’s world famous Gravity Trap
Jewelry Box with Secret Drawer VtSml
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This innovative cedar jewelry box is created from a cedar log with a surprise hidden drawer within the main drawer for extra security! The pleasant cedar scent and natural look will lend a subtle, rustic charm to any dressing table.
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