Palo Santo Pack of 6
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Translating as "Holy Wood," Palo Santo has a citrus & frankincense aroma and is used for smudging/cleansing a person or space. Sourced from Peru & sustainably harvested. Qty 6 sticks
Crystals for Energy Protection
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Title: Crystals for Energy Protection
Author: Judy Hall
This book has all the crystals and tools you need to clear, heal and protect your energy field and environment, whether you feel your relationships drain your energy, you struggle to set boundaries
Dinosaurs Playing Cards
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Title: Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Author: James Kuether
Dinosaurs are awe-inspiring, and this gorgeous deck features detailed illustrations of 52 of the most famous, important, and interesting dinosaurs (and non-dinosaurs) to know, including Tyrannosaurus
The Crystal Bible
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Find a known crystal instantly or identify an unknown crystal in this easy-to-follow directory that includes photographic identification, detailed descriptions, and information on the individual properties of each crystal.
Everybody Needs a Rock
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Everybody needs a rock -- at least that's the way this particular rock hound feels about it. Her unique voice and approach combine with Peter Parnall's striking illustrations to make an unforgettable reading experience.
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