Natural Smoky Quartz Point 3.1-6g

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Add these unique Smoky Quartz points to your mineral collection or metaphysical practices.

Smoky Quartz is transparent black, grey, and clear. 


Metaphysical Properties: Smoky quartz is an exceptional grounding stone, bringing even those with their heads most "in the clouds" down to earth. It is also known for its almost unending ability to clear negative energy in a space. It may assist with feeling physically present and available for grounded everyday life.

Mineralogical Properties: Smoky quartz has a hexagonal crystal system and is composed of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra. Its "smoky" coloring is due to natural radiation emitted from the surrounding rock which activates color centers around aluminum impurities within the quartz.

As with all of Mother Nature's creations, the appearance will vary, but the item you receive will be similar in quality to the photos above. 

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