Smoky Quartz Mini Cluster/Point Pendant

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Take the benefits of Smoky Quartz with you each day with a beautiful Smoky Cluster Pendant

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Dimensions: 1" x .5" x .5"

Mineralogy: Smoky quartz is a grey, brown, or black variety of quartz. Like all quartz, it is silicon dioxide. Trace amounts of aluminum and exposure to gamma irradiation cause the color variations seen in smoky quartz. Like clear and rose quartz and amethyst, smoky quartz is usually volcanically formed. 

Metaphysical Properties:  Smokey quartz is said to be an excellent stone for removing negativity and negative energy of any kind and transforming them into positive energy. It is also a very protective and grounding stone.

As with all of Mother Nature's creations, appearance may vary, however, the product you receive will be similar in quality to the photos above. 

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